The Detail
Pros Sac

I designed and managed The Detail Pros Sacramento website. This web project was a new venture for an already established mobile detailing business serving the Sacramento area.


The new venture was a website where clients could easily book local detailers in the area and select a customized detail for their vehicle. This would help promote and give business to talented detailers as well as minimize time spent on the phone to manage client appointments each month. Basically, this website would stream line the sales process, so the owner could focus on scaling apposed to appointment management. 

I took the already existing brand colors (black & red) and added a beige color (mostly used for thee background) to represent leather interior of high end vehicles. I used a common shape behind mockups and masking images that represented a splash of water. The roundness also gave a node to the shape of classic vehicles. 

The biggest hurdle was the custom booking section. The process went as follow:

1. Clients would select a detail package tier level with possible add ons depending on size of vehicle. 

2. Client would pick a detailer based on picture, experience description and Instagram link to previous work. 

3. A calendar showing open time periods for that specific detailer. (google calendar integration)

4. Client would put in address for vehicle location with option to upload a vehicle image.

5. Payment submission

After a lot of trial and error the site is complete and  is something I'm proud of and I'm very happy with the outcome and the owners enthusiasm on the project.