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Keeping things magically familiar, Onyx Moon is named after the owner's daughter (Luna, Spanish for moon 🌛). I embraced a moon within an eye to bring a sense of mysticism in a clean, memorable way.

Onyx Moon was inspired by a unique, funky owner with a one-of-a-kind personality that wanted to bring her eyelash products and services to life in a starlight way.

Onyx Moon Living among the moon and stars

The Business

Onyx Moon offers eyelash services and future products to women in the upscale Paradise Beach area of Florida.
Paradise Beach is a wealthy city and Marissa was ready to target up-scale clients in her beauty products venture. 

Marissa desired a logo and brand that was "space cadet-like" to match her personality as she put it. She also, wanted a clean and professional logo to stand strong next to the ritzy shopping malls and boutiques in the area. 

Onyx Moon was named after Marissa's favorite gemstone (black onyx) and her daughter's name, "Luna" meaning moon in Spanish.

Plan of Attack

After talking with Marissa over a few calls, I fell in love with her quirky and magical personality. To honor this, I wanted to bring out a logo with brand assets based on the company name that bordered between clean and memorable, but also with a dark magic touch. 

After researching and brainstorming, ideas came quick and I already loved the name. The name "Onyx Moon" was creative and already gave me a lot to work with.
Onyx is a variety of stone that comes from Chalcedony. Chalcedony is a silicate mineral, mostly made of calcite (similar to marble and granite) and it usually features contrasting layers of black color. Based on this I wanted to use a dark color palette to play off a black magic vibe but also the darkness of space where the "moon" resides. I also brought in an earthy tan color that represents a base color for other colors to be applied (the start of the eyelash process, so to speak). 

The Design

I created an "all-seeing eye," to add mystical touch and placed the moon inside. The lashes radiate outwards from the eyelids. I also added two stars on each side of the eye for balance. 

I created three different versions of the logo for different use cases such as stickers, window art, shirts, and online and print materials. Marissa also wanted to add different product lines in the future so each logo would have its purpose. 

For the main typeface for the logo, I used a rounded san-serif to pop, especially with the white and black color scheme. For the secondary font (tagline etc.) I used a very curvy serif typeface to play into the magical theme and dark arts. 

For imagery, I used zoomed-in images of eyes with the moon asset placed inside. The one eye is an esoteric conspiracy of sorts, so I wanted to play off that.

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