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 Salus Payments was founded with the idea of helping and providing solutions. We will find a solution tailored especially for your business while keeping your long-term success in mind.

Salus aims to provide our merchants with tools, knowledge, and services that make the job of accepting credit cards easier for all businesses regardless if you are large or small, online or offline.

Salus Payments Website Design with Amarquez Agency

The Problem

When Salus Payments approached us they had two problems that needed to be addressed. 

1. They had two avenues of business they did not know how to combine in one online experience. One form of payment processing was geared towards retail industries and the other was directed towards eCommerce industries. 

2. Salus's current website was old and outdated and did not represent them in a positive light to the public. The website gave the presence that they were outdated and not investing in new updated technology to improve their payment systems.

The Solution

1. To solve the problem of combining to lanes of industry into one consistency access point. We established a home screen where the user had two choose their industry first before processing to the correlating website. The home screen was split into a 50/50 graphic that had the same hero graphic as the associated website to confirm the industry selected

2. As the designer on this project I was given full design control. My game-plan went as follows:

 A. To lighten up their current dark website and wanted to bring in a lot of white space to relax the user, while also making a calm presentation that wasn't cluttered and overbearing. Salus provides secure payments and we wanted to come off as professional and trustworthy to prove that point.

B. Playing off the logo that was provided I wanted to use the "diamond" shape through out the site. I overlapped the same shape and dropped down the opacity to give a feeling of transparency and complexity in the technology, in an easy to view way. The shape was bigger and more prominent in the eCommerce web pages and smaller in a pattern for the retail web pages.

C. Using white cards with drop-shadows and using the brand color sparingly, I managed to make a very easy to read website that directed the user's eyes to the attended destination. This look also gives off a tech-type website that is technology focused and forward driven.

D. I decided to add a human element by showing real people in the workplace. I was aiming for small to medium businesses as this is Salus's target market. Floating features highlights, surround the people in the hero image to give a quick view benefits above the fold. I also used arms the came out of the diamond shapes on some pages to give a fun, millennial focused design (millennials where also the target market).

The End Result

Salus Payments loved the home screen access point that forced the user to decided which industry they are in. This simplified the industry specific content and avoided a user from getting lost in content that didn't represent their specific industry.

They also loved the play on the diamond shape and the overall "feel," of the website. They agreed it gave a beautiful, professional tech forward understanding of their offerings.

The studio I was working for at the time (Amarquez Agency) also was very happy with the end product and today displays this website on their own work portfolio.

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