Camper Creative Co.

Camper Creative Co. is my agency that donates a portion of it's earnings to the National Parks Service. As a nature lover and avid hiker/camper and was excited to incorporate that namesake into my agency. Camper Creative Co. provides great design for small businesses focused on the adventure lifestyle and love for the outdoors. 


Rocks, Clay & Dirt

I envisioned Camper Creative's brand colors to embody the Southwestern region of America. Think red-sand deserts, sandstone buttes and gigantic boulders. I felt the burgundy, beige and brown really hit the ball out of the park. The colors reminded me of driving through Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah border. 

For the mark, I desired something simple and strong. I spent hours trying to trace different campers and trailers. I finally came up with my own version that is somewhere in the middle of a large airstream and smaller one person pull campers. 

The typeface I selected for the word "Camper," complemented the mark with smooth, rounded letters. I also liked that the camper looks as if it's being dragged across a bumpy (rocky) terrain. I added some contrast with the typeface for "creative." that added a hint of seriousness, trust and class. 

I came up with marketing assets and a website that held true to these concepts mentioned earlier. The website having fun vectorized trees with roots that animated as the user scrolled to give a fun touch. 

I think the brand encapsulates a fun camping trip amongst the star filled skies of the Southwestern united States.