Nealon Group

Disrupting the insurance and financial markets, Nealon Group was looking for a bold, fresh design that signified knowledge and experience in the industry. Nealon Group helped businesses launch into the market and provided services in mentoring, hiring and workshops to help them achieve success.


longevity, fresh & bold 

I met with the CEO and Founder (Betsy) and discussed the companies goals, services, target market and overall feel for the new brand. Her target market is small-established business owners with under 50 employees. Basically, corporate professionals consisting of Executives, Managers and Agents that needed career guidance, mentoring and growth and could benefit from the over 35 years of experience that Betsy had acquired. She wanted red and black for her brand colors and wanted something not boring, yet professional with taste. 


I started by doing research on the market and competitors. I decided the direction I wanted to shoot for would standout amongst the typical insurance logos. Betsy didn't want a bland small-time insurance logo that over populates the industry. 

After my research I came up with a list of key words/phrases below:

Trustworthy, Business Acumen, History of Success, Strong, Established, Longevity, Fresh, Broad Reach, Universal, Guidance, Expertise and Knowledge. 

I then choose a series of key words/ phrases out of that list and began to rough sketch some ideas. When I sketch I try not to think too much and let my pen go wild, knocking out as many ideas as possible. When I'm finished I select the ones I feel might work.

I then take my keywords and sketches into Illustrator and start working on vectorizing the sketches and using that vector to brainstorm even more ideas. After hours of tweaking a few different ideas I begin to match typefaces with the different marks I came up with. After presenting the ideas to the client we landed on the one you're seeing. 


The mark is made up of two directional arrows, each split in half. Both for the portions of the "N," and the negative space knocked out. The split arrows point in different directions, representing all the different services provided. The sharp angles keep this mark young and ambitious, while the thickness screams strength, longevity and bold competition. The typeface compliments the mark in its bold, tall form.