Taste Towers

Taste Towers is a concept business I came up with. The conceptual company background is city buildings that've been converted and rented to pop-up restaurants on a flexible time basis. Think Airbnb for small or new restaurant owners without a physical location or spreading their brand to new cities to test the market. I wanted the logo to be professional, easily recognizable and to incorporate the name into the mark. I blurred the line between serious and fun with this one.


Professional, Big & fun 


I started sketching different forms of the letter "T." I tried using single "T's" and double "T's." During this process I also kept in mind how fun the name was. I love when a name has two meanings, It really gives off a lot of ideas to play with. 


I started illustrating cityscapes of urban cities like New York and San Francisco in Illustrator. I wanted to give the feeling of sky scrapers and a downtown location. I then started to play with the word "Taste." I felt illustrating a tongue would be a great way to add fun in contrast to the serious looking cityscape.

I then combined these forms and after many hours felt I combined the "T," cityscape and tongue in a great strong unified symbol. I added a thick san-serif type to give a fresh downtown aesthetic. I felt, black and white would be a good representation of a no-nonsense brand with a no-nonsense contract policy.

I was really happy with how this brand came out. I think the line between professionalism and fun was achieved by this logo overall.