Brew Bakers

Brew Bakers has long been a staple in the heart of the Central Valley in California serving burgers and home brewed beer. Over the years, bigger franchise breweries and modern restaurants have popped up on Main Street neighboring Brew Bakers. The owner wanted to give their old school logo a face lift and attract the younger crowd mainly millennials. They wanted a modern, sleek logo that could compete with the new competition and give a nod to their roots without being too flashy. They wanted to appear new and fresh and let their food and drinks do the talking. 


Simple, sleek & modern


I first researched the new competition in the area. I looked up their websites, examined their logos and even visited their establishments for a beer and food to get the whole experience. What I learned was these establishments have simple logos, a fun brand but used tacky cliche graphics. They also seemed to be really similar to each other in the restaurant layout and look. I didn't feel any history or anything unique and original.


I felt Brew Bakers could try and compete with a tasteful, simple modern design without all the fluff. This would give a sleek, welcoming presentation and allow Brew Bakers amazing food and beer to sale the customer. Basically we didn't want to over do it with a lot of bells and whistles. We also felt the logo should give a bit of an up scale representation. We imagined Nespresso vs. Starbucks and we wanted to be the Nespresso of breweries. 


I tried a bunch of different options and decided to use old-stye glass beer bottles. These bottles would give a subtle nod  to the history of Brew Bakers. Their location sat on one of the first Brewpub in the towns history, dating back to the early 1900's. These bottles where frequently used during those times and Brew Bakers displayed them as decorations inside. I decided to duplicate the bottles in different scales as the business offered multiple size growlers and bottles for take home beer orders. With addition of a line to act as a shelf, the mark was complete. I added a bold, sleek san-serif typeface that would be sure to get sidewalk traffic attention. I used the same brand colors they have always used, but tweaked them to add a more gold a deep brown ale feel.


I also added an abbreviated logo to add to the neck of the bottles and bottle caps. The original logo would appear blurry and too small for these areas. The owner was happy with the end result and with the rebrand the pub got a breath of fresh air. Check out the process first hand in the video below: